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We know how difficult is the process for ordering swag and often you land on unreliable supplier, some good but most are bad and we want to help on that.
Therefore, we have partnered with Techstars to offer all the communities leaders the top notch product to make your event and community standout and shine!

SW Women Asia Pacific

Startup Weekend Women’s edition

Techstars Startup Weekend Women Asia Pacific is happening throughout the month of September 2018.

If you’re a community leader, you will receive a Startup Weekend Women APAC T-shirt specially designed for this event (for Free, sponsored by Techstars!).

To commemorate this event, StartupStore has also come up with a comprehensive collection of ‘swag kit’ for Techstars Startup Weekend Women’s Edition. Get them before they run out!

Startup Weekend

SW Women Edition T-Shirt


Startup Weekend

SW Women Edition Swag Kit



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