Simplified Packaging Supply Chain

From sourcing to delivery, we give your team control over your packaging supply chain.

Packaging is (almost) equal to branding


Studies have shown that nearly as many people think the packaging itself is as important as the brand that they purchase from.

However, it could be argued that is a bit ingenious.

Your ecommerce packaging should be an extension of your brand. It should play a key role in conveying what your business and products are about, and how they can make your customers feel.

Clever branding, personalisation and more can make your customers feel valued and add to the sense of excitement. In fact, this is the reason that there has been a huge growth in unboxing videos on platforms such as YouTube.

Ultimately, think how you would feel handing over a damaged, shoddy looking box in person to a customer that has just spent potentially hundreds of dollars with you? Make sure that doesn’t happen.

Our Offer

Ordering packaging has finally been made easy! Our offers includes everything you will need to package your products – from adhesive tape to durable shipping packaging.



Drawstring Bag


Why StartupStore?

Price and printing variants that suit your needs.

Our boxes are multipurpose. Owing to their quality, the diversity of their usage has always astounded us. In order to make your boxes to speak your brand, there is variety of printing variants. Make your box unique and choose a variant that fits your brand, purpose and of course, your budget.

More Benefits

Customized size

We understand every product is unique and we created products that it’s dimension match majority of retail needs. Our size range correspond to the posting, courier and parcel’s terminal’s standards.

No hidden costs

You get to know the final price of your packaging before you begin designing. The size of printed area or graphic complexity don’t matter. The more you order, the lower price of each product gets

Support at all stages

We’ve worked hard to make the whole process as easy as possible. In case you needed any help, don’t hesitate and click the chat icon in bottom right corner of your screen.

Complex solution

Our offer includes diverse solutions for packaging and shipment of your products. Boxes, poly mailers, adhesive tapes and much more – each product may be also personalised with an overprint.

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